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Application Development Manual (Read this first) HTML PostScript PDF
Frequently Asked Questions HTML PostScript PDF
Plugin Writer's Guide HTML PostScript PDF
Core Reference HTML
Core Libraries Reference HTML
Core Design Documentation HTML
GStreamer 0.10 to 1.0 porting guide HTML
GStreamer Wiki (see esp. ReleasePlanning and SubmittingPatches) HTML

GStreamer Plugins-Base Module Libraries Reference


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GStreamer Base Plugins Libraries Reference HTML

Plugin Modules


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Overview of all Plug-ins HTML
GStreamer Core Plugins Reference HTML
GStreamer Base Plugins Reference HTML
GStreamer Good Plugins Reference HTML
GStreamer Ugly Plugins Reference HTML
GStreamer Bad Plugins Reference HTML
GStreamer OpenGL Plugins Reference HTML
GStreamer Non-Linear Multimedia Editing Plugins Reference HTML

Other modules


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GStreamer Editing Services Reference HTML
GStreamer RTSP Server Reference HTML
QtGStreamer Reference HTML




1. Gstreamer的中文开发手册


2. Gstreamer的插件开发手册


3. Gstreamer 编译、安装、测试


4. Gstreamer工作原理分析


5. Gstreamer Core的理解


6. Gstreamer plugin 分析


7. Gstreamer的一个练习




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